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CZECH - SLOVAK Czech, Slovak & English translations and interpreting,  Renata S. Megargeeemail is a native speaker of Slovak and Czech with more than 5 years experience in translating and interpreting a variety of subjects. American Translators Association member. Specializes in translating of business and financial texts.

ITALIAN - SICILIAN I currently run a web site for Italian Americans with lots of great resources. I also know a great sicilian site that you should link:

ITALIAN  The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, founded in 1977, is located in the heart of the ancient cities of Florence, Rome and Sienna; we are specialised in teaching Italian to foreigners. Learn Italian, enjoy Italy. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, Italian language schools in Florence, Rome and Siena, Piazza dell'Orologio, 7 00186 Roma, Tel. ++39-6-68892513, Fax  ++39-6-68219084, e_mail:

PILIPINO, a source for Pilipino language textbooks, phrasebooks, dictionaries, audio cassettes.  We also have other dialects such as Ilokano, Cebuano, Visayan, Pampangan, Pangasinan. Webmaster: David Rogers. email:

THAI We are a team of English/Thai translators.  Please visit our web site.

YIDDISH Der Bay is an Anglo-Yiddish site, and the international clearinghouse for Yiddish clubs, Yiddish teachers, translators, and Klezmer bands. Philip "Fishl" Kutner 1128 Tanglewood Way San Mateo, CA 94403 Ph. 650-349-6946 E-mail



I am wanting to learn Creole so I am volunteering to do what I can. I am going to Haiti next July so I need to learn as fast as possible. Your site is really cool. I didnt think I'd find one like it, but God lead me to it.

Hi, I'm dating a Jamaican guy but his famil speaks patois. Can you PLEASE help me find where or how to learn the language?
I am looking for resources on learning Creole as spoken in Haiti. I went to one link on your page and the link said that the only language spoken in Haiti was French. The official language of Haiti is Creole. French is common
but it is not the official language. Are you aware of any resources on this version of Creole?
I am looking for a comprehensive program to learn Cantonese while I commute in the car listening to audio cassette tapes. Something similiar to the Pimsleur would work, but what I have found so far only has 5 tapes and offers only a
very limited vocabulary. (I have a 4 tape set I bought 2 or 3 years ago which worked well for what it offered, but did not give me nearly enough vocabulary to really function within the language)
I was looking for the nguni (zulu) language as I am going to South Africa to work with these people.
Any help would be great.
Hello, I really am in need of a Korean to English translator program. I need it to deal with online clients for the banking usiness that I run.  If you could help me I would appreciate it.
I would like to learn Arabic through Russian.  Can you help me? Thanks!
Looking for help with Marathi
I am looking for a program I can download on the web to teach me Hebrew
I am learning Slovak because my girlfriend (hopefully soon fiancee) is Slovak. I have progressed passed "beginners" but now I notice that there are hardly any courses available.  Have you all seen anything available for intermediate/advanced? Problem 2:  In my language learning, I can sit down and memorize 200 words in 30-40 minutes. I can even retain this for a week, a month, whatever, as long as I flip the flashcards with regular practice.  But when it comes to actually using these words in conversation, I don't have good recall. Is there a different approach to the one I am taking? Problem 3:  As I am a Byzantine Catholic, Ruthenian Jurisdiction, I would like to learn Ruthenian after I complete my Slovak. Ruthenian was just recently codified.  Do you know of anything in either English or Slovak that explains Ruthenian's grammar (I am not too concerned with vocabulary yet. I am still learning Slovak!