ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Dzongkha. A Language Course by George van Driem in collaboration with Karma Tshering. This language course provides a practical introduction to the...


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Dzongkha At the request of the Royal Government of Bhutan, George van Driem produced a linguistic description of Dzongkha, the national language of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The assignment was to write a grammar of Dzongkha in English which could serve both

The phonologies of Dzongkha and the Bhutanese litur ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The phonologies of Dzongkha and the Bhutanese liturgical language George van Driem Classical Tibetan or Chöke 'language of the dharma' is the liturgical language of Bhutan, whereas Dzongkha, the national language and native language of most of western

OHCHR: Dzongkha/Bhutanese Universal Declaration of ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, translated to Dzongkha/Bhutanese by United Nations Information Centre (UNIC, New Delhi -...


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) BHOUTAN Carte extraite de 3D Atlas, avec l'aimable autorisation de Creative Wonders Images du globe avec l'aimable autorisation de Planetary Visions Ltd Population : 1 908 307 habitants (est. 98) Densité : 40.93 hab./km˛ Superficie : 46 620 km..

Guide to Official Dzongkha Romanization

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Guide to Official Dzongkha Romanization George van Driem Dzongkha is the national language of the kingdom of Bhutan. This phonological system of romanization known as Roman Dzongkha was devised by the author at the behest of the Dzongkha Development

The Grammar of Dzongkha

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The Grammar of Dzongkha. George van Driem. Dzongkha is the national language of the kingdom of Bhutan. The language, native to the western part of...

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Dzongkha (Bhutanes) Calligraphic Font

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) This typeface is actually "TibetanCalligraphic" with a few letters specifically altered to be in accord with the Bhutanese lettering style. The font is called "DzongkhaCalligraphic" and ...

Map Machine: Atlas @ nationalgeographic.com

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) SITE INDEX Home: nationalgeographic.com Search Join the Adventure Shop Online -- Interactive Features Maps Photography News Kids Education Forums Live Events Exhibitions -- NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine TRAVELER Magazine ADVENTURE Magazine WORLD..


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) BHUTAN (A5) CONTINENT AS CQ ZONE 22 ITU ZONE 41 LATITUDE 27.30 LONGITUDE -89.40 UTC OFFSET +6.5 CAPITAL Thimphu AREA 18,000 square miles LANGUAGES Dzongkha (official) POPULATION 1,822,625 DXCC ADMISSION DATE 11/15/45 ADMISSION CRITERIA 1 COUNTRY..

CNWSNL 10-Department of Comparative Linguistics

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Staff In 1993 a chair of American Indian languages and cultures was established at Leiden University. On 1 January 1994 Dr. Adelaar was appointed as the first full professor in this field.

Kuensel: Bhutan's Newspaper

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) 6 SEP 1997 -The Dzongkha programmes broadcast by the Bhutan Broadcasting Service are reportedly the most popular among all the other BBS programmes, according to a spokesman for the station.

Governments on the WWW: Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Links to websites of governmental institutions and political parties in Bhutan

Kuensel: Bhutan's Newspaper

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Bhutanese language and literature, the areas and crafts, ceremonies and events, and basic social and cultural values draw their essence from religious teachings.

Explorer les iClubs: Dzongkha

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Explorer les iClubs: Dzongkha Accueil | Recherche | Créer un iClub | Aide | Connexion iClubs Messages Toutes listes: Regions Languages: By Language: Dzongkha Créer un nouvel iClub Il n'y a actuellement aucun iClub dans cette catégorie.Créez-en un

Kuensel: Bhutan's Newspaper

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Kuensel Editorial With the more political issues concluded, including two historic chathrims, the National Assembly turned its attention to a host of new Acts, each one of national and international significance.

The Languages and Linguistic History of Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) George van Driem The First Linguistic Survey of Bhutan was conducted by the author in 1991 at the behest of the Royal Government of Bhutan. A summary of the initial findings is given in the Report of the First Linguistic Survey of Bhutan (1991d).

Translators Directory World-Wide - NEW

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Translators Directory - New Entry - Free of Charge - Translation


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Thunder Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan 1.6 milion Capital City: Jigme Singye Wangchuck (Birthday Nov.-11/1955) Lamaistic Buddhism Dzongkha (official), Shashokha, Nepali, Hindu, English(Studied at school)

CNWS Publications. Special Series: Languages of the ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Roland Rutgers. Yamphu (Leiden 1998) George van Driem. Dzongkha (Leiden 1998) The Yamphu Rai are a Kiranti tribe of the Himalayas of Eastern Nepal.

Report on the First Linguistic Survey of Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) George van Driem The First Linguistic Survey of Bhutan was conducted by the author in 1991 in the service of the Dzongkha Development Commission of the Royal Government of Bhutan.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Een taal van Midden-Bhutan, met een overzicht van de talen en volkeren van Bhutan George van Driem The first half of the book is a grammatical description of Bumthang, a major regional language of central Bhutan spoken by some 30,000 people.

"Thank you" in many languages

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) In addition to the ways to say "thank you" in many languages on this page, I also have several other lists of translations in many languages: hello, how are you?, welcome, goodbye, please, what is your name?, my name is..., do you speak English?, yes, no, and I don't understand.

Ethnologue: Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Languages of Bhutan. Part of _Ethnologue: Languages of the World_, 13th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

TravNet! Bhutan Menu

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Welcomes you to... Proper Name: Kingdom of Bhutan Capitol: Thimphu Languages: Dzongkha, Gurung, Assamese Currency: Ngultrum Electricity: 220 vac

George van Driem

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) George van Driem is director of the Himalayan Languages Project. He has worked extensively in Nepal, Bhutan and the Indian Himalayas. He has written grammars of Limbu, Dzongkha, Dumi and Bumthang, and is currently completing descriptive monographs of Lohorung, Toto, Barám, Gongduk and Lhokpu.

Bhutan Information

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Footprint Adventures for Trekking Birding and Wildlife Safaris in Asia, Africa and America.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Last updated March 1999New Data >> << Benin Bolivia >> Name: Kingdom of Bhutan Location: South Asia Area: 17,954 sq.mi. Capital: Thimphu Independence: August 8, 1949 from India National Holiday: National Day, December 17 (1907) Constitution: (no written constitution or bill of rights) Population: 1,908,307 (65+ 4%) Suffrage: determined locally Ethnicity: Bhote 50%,...

ISO 639 and IETF 1766 Standardised Language Codes

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) This is a listing of abbreviation codes to represent natural language names, as standardised by ISO (ISO 639) and IETF (RFC 1766) and registered with IANA. The listing is organised with alphabetical tags to enable fast search for a particular language or language code.

Bhutan Current Crisis

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Driglam Namzha One of the most misunderstood policies of the Bhutanese government is driglam namzha, literally translated as "traditional values and etiquette", which has been emphasised since the country's Sixth Plan to "promote national integration and the Bhutanese identity." While the concept of driglam anmzha itself reflects the deep roots of the Bhutanese culture and...

Thunder Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) For NetscapeŞ later than 1.1. Yaphoo! ClubsOpen!! The place to exhange each others about Bhutan, Yaphoo! Clubs, was open by Phontso who is Bhutanese in Japan.

Language policy in Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) George van Driem The linguistic situation in Bhutan is complex. Nineteen different languages are spoken in this Himalayan kingdom, which is only slightly larger than the Netherlands but comprises considerably less habitable surface area.

ABCNEWS.com Country Profile: Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Bhutan: history, culture, geography, natural resources, government, politics, economics and demographics.

Popolizio.com - ta, la geografia, l'asia, Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Popolizio.com, dove convivono la geografia e la pubblicitˆ, l'antico egitto e la musica, le immagini e la ricerca e dove regna l'intelligenza del cuore.

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Develo ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) ICIMOD's Regional Member Countries in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas The Kingdom of BHUTAN is a small, landlocked country situated on the southern slopes of the Eastern Himalayas, bordering Tibet in the north and the Indian States of Sikkim, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh in the west, south, and east respectively.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) BHUTAN Statsskick: monarki Yta: 46 500 km2 Huvudstad: Thimphu (30 3400 inv 1993) Högsta berg: Gangar Punsum ( 7 561 m ö h) Längsta flod: Drangmefloden Största sjö: Invånarantal: 618 000 (officiell uppskattning 1997; 1, 9 miljoner 1998 enl FN) Invånare/km2: 13 (1997; eller 41 enl FNs uppsk för 1998) Naturlig befolkningstillväxt: 2,3 % (1994) Läs-...

Regional Listing of All Translations

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Regional Listing of All Translations Note: Languages are associated with the regions where they are predominantly spoken.

Ethnologue: Language Family Index: Sino-Tibetan
www.sil.org/Ethnologue/families/subfamily/Sino-Tibetan/Tib eto-Burman/Bodic

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Language Family: Sino-Tibetan. Part of _Ethnologue Language Family Index_; Joseph E. Grimes and Barbara F. Grimes, Editors; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

OHCHR: Tibetan Universal Declaration of Human Rights

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, translated to Tibetan by Other Sources (Tibet Bureau - Office of the Representative of the H.H. the Dalai Lama).

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ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Country Code: Dzongkha, Tibetan, Nepalese Lamaistic Buddhism 75%, Indian- and Nepalese-influenced Hinduism 25% Political System: Economic overview:

The Bhutan web site [Tashi Delek] it is What is Bhu ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) What is "Kingdom of Bhutan" Name of the country: The Kingdom of Bhutan Druk Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon) Dzongkha (official language), besides Nepali, English, many Bhutanese dialects are used.

ABC Country Book of Bhutan - people Flag, Map, Econ ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Bhutan Interactive Factbook: GEOGRAPHY, Flag, Map,Geography, People, Government, Economy, Transportation, Communications

China and Mongolia

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Languages in red can be viewed on your screen in realvideo by just clicking on the language. Country Language Bangladesh Assamese Bengali, Common Language Burmese Chakma Chin, Falam Khasi Kok Borok ...

TIBET - Noviny

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Jazyk: Tibetsky Periodicita: Deník Vychází od: 1956 Adresa: Lhasa, Tibet Noviny vydává Komunistická strana Číny Tibetské autonomní oblasti, vycházejí také v čín tině pod názvem XIZANG RIBAO. Překlad názvu: Tibetské ...

Dzongkha (Bhutanes) Calligraphic Font

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) This typeface is actually "TibetanCalligraphic" with a few letters specifically altered to be in accord with the Bhutanese lettering style. The...

About Me

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Kuzozangpo la! That's a salutation in "Dzongkha" which literally means "good health!". I think that health is one of the more valuable things in life and a healthy body is necessary to house a healthy mind and you can build on that... < That's me standing next to one hot stone-cold nymph!

Bhutan Virtual Library - Main Menu

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) (Links are constantly being activated as material is added on the server) Always use your BACK button to return to this page General Reference & Information

Bhutan: bootan.com Home Page

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Bhutan is on the 'Roof of the World.' Our Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan is the last unpsoiled cultural and ecological preserve in the world. 60% of Bhutan remains forested. Visit Bhutan on Bootan.com

LINGUIST List 6.1740: Inge Genee, Article Systems, ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Editor for this issue: Ljuba Veselinova «lveselin@emunix.emich.edu» Directory "Dr. Nicole MUELLER", Inge Genee's e-mail address / address "E. C. ...

Asian and African Languages: Tibetan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Dialects of Tibetan are spoken over a large area including Tibet proper, large parts of China's Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunan provinces, and the Himalayan fringes of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan ...

Multilingual Multimedia
www.jkwintl.com/docs/Multilingual Multimedia.html

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Multilingual Multimedia In this multidimensional world, there are multiple mediums to multiply your messages to the multitudes. Now that is multi! What does all this mean, or is it just a ...

TransPac Ships "The Word Processing Solution for th ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) TurboWriter is a fast, easy-to-use, bilingual word processor. The TurboWriter package, when used with the ChineseTalk operating system or with the Chinese Language Kit, ...


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) This site contains statistical data and links to news, travel, weather, government, and more

ISO 639-2 Country Codes

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The ISO standard ISO/FDIS 639-2, from the technical committee / subcommittee TC 37 / SC 2, contains 427 references to 402 languages. At least this list does.

The Kingdom Of Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) BHUTAN IS AN ANCIENT KINGDOM SECLUDED HIGH IN THE HIMALAYAS WITH UNIQUE CUSTOMS AND PEOPLE WITH DEEPLY HELD BELIEFS HISTORY: Mystery surrounds Bhutan's distant past, as priceless irretrievable documents were lost in fires and earthquakes.

Tibetan Language

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Last updated: 2 Sep 1999. This page is optimised for transmission speed, not for fancy looks.] The purpose of this document is to provide central access point to online resources dealing with Tibetan language, literature and publishing tools.

ISO 639 Language ID list

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Last updated Friday, 09-Jul-1999 15:38:51 EDT This file contains the list of 2-letter codes to indicate a language as per ISO 639. The codes are used for the value of the

Worldwide radio broadcast schedule lists, wavelengt ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Big web listing of radio programmes with a difference, in 100's of languages to bring hope, answers to problems of life, & new angles on living. Online UTC time ...

Open Gait Adventures - Bhutan - Group or individual ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Raft or trek Nepal, hike or bike Bhutan, see the outer reaches of Tibet. Group or individually designed adventures for all levels. We provide comfortable ...

South Asia Bibliographies: Bhutan 

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) SOUTH ASIA BIBLIOGRAPHIES Bhutan: an overview Monks viewing a newly unfurled Buddhist thangka(from Three Kingdoms on the Roof of the World, cited below.)

CIA -- The World Factbook 1999 -- Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Location: Southern Asia, between China and India Geographic coordinates: 27 30 N, 90 30 E Map references: Asia Area: total: 47,000 sq km land: 47,000 sq km water: 0 sq km

One Small Planet Global Database - Indian Subcontinent

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Bangladesh Bhutan India Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh Location: Eastern Indian Subcontinent Capital City: Dhaka Language: Bengali, English Currency: Taka US State Department ...

XenoType Technologies -- Macintosh Language Kits an ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) XenoType Technologies specializes in providing foreign language solutions to Macintosh users for uncommon and unusual scripts and languages with products like the Assyrian (East Syriac) Language Kit, ...


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Travel to Butan -A LOVELY PARADISE

Themenheft Bhutan

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) In der Staatssprache Dzongkha heißt Bhutan "Druk Yul". Die poetische Übersetzung lautet "Land der Drachen". Der Name Bhutan kommt wahrscheinlich vom indischen Begriff Bhotanta (Bhota Tibet; ...

Ethnologue: Nepal

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Languages of Nepal. Part of _Ethnologue: Languages of the World_, 13th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

WCB Student Homepage for dwangmo

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Dechen Wangmo Email: dwangmo@lynx.neu.edu Biography "Kuzozangpo la" That's salutation in "Dzongkha which means "good health". I am a international student from the Kingdom of Bhutan - located in the foot hills of the Himalayas. I am majoring in R.