Language & Culture Links: Haitian Creole
www.ncbe.gwu.edu/links/langcult/haitian.htm    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Haitian langauge and culture Educa Vision designs, develops, publishes, and distributes a broad range of Haitian-related educational materials for use in Haiti, United States, Canada and the Caribbean area. The Creolist Archives from Stockholm..

Haitian Creole Language Learning Resources
www.call.gov/resource/language/hatlr000.htm    (Yahoo, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Haitian Creole language learning resources and links are collected here for Haitian Creole language teachers and learners

LanguageTapes.com - Haitian Creole
www.languagetapes.com/haitiancreole.html    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Pimsleur foreign language tapes are offered for 26 different languages along with other foreign language learning aids

Online Bible Windows Downloads Page
www.online-bible.com/win_download.html    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Free Downloads, Information about Online Bible, Master Christian, Sage Digital and Reformation History LibraryCDs for Macintosh, Windows and Windows...

LingNet Haitian-Creole links
www.lingnet.org/linkdex/Haitian-Creole.htm    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) LingNet's Internet links for Haitian-Creole Area Studies Haitian-Creole Language Learning Resources Haitian Creole language resources Haitian-Creole Resources government links to Haitian-Creole resource

Alphabetical Listing of All Translations
www.unhchr.ch/udhr/navigate/alpha.htm    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Alphabetical Listing of All Translations (261/265) A B C D E F G..

Haitian Creole Audio Cassette Programs
www.wor.com/tapes/haitian.html    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Haitian Creole Audio Cassette Programs Pimsleur Haitian Creole Level 1 Cassette The objective of the Pimsleur method is to provide rapid self-instructional foreign language communication skills. Each lesson unit is 30 minutes long. This is the..

CA (The Creolist Archives)- Links, French
www.ling.su.se/Creole/Links-Fr.html    (Excite, AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) CA's page of links to web resources (outside CA) concerning French creoles. Hosted by the Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University, Sweden.

Embassy of Haiti - Internet Resources Concerning Haiti
www.haiti.org/embassy/kreylink.htm    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Ambassade d 'Haïti Washington D.C. Haitian Creole Language and Culture Institute Affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Kreyòl Grammar Gen diksyonè ladann tou!

Mt. Oread Bookshop - Haitian Creole
www.jayhawks.com/oread/haiti.html    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Welcome to the Mt. Oread Bookshop, serving the University of Kansas. We're proud to bring you this on-line offering featuring titles on Haitian language and culture from the Institute of Haitian Studies, directed by Professor Bryant Freeman. This..

The Origin of Haitian Creole
www.eli.wayne.edu/students/Newsletter96F1/Creole.html    (Excite, Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) By Wanddolff Bretous In 1492, the old world met the new world, the Americas. The Spanish navigator Christopher Columbus, who discovered Haiti, didn't know that his trip would lead to the foundation of a new state, Haiti, and a new language, Creole.

Haitian Creole Summer Institute at UMass Boston
www.nchr.org/umasshcsi.htm    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The Haitian Creole Summer Institute has been offered in Massachusetts for the past fourteen years. Since the summer of 1995, the Institute has been conducted at the Harbor Campus of UMass Boston under the joint collaboration of the Africana Studies Department, the Haitian Studies Project, and the Division of Continuing Education.

www.ukans.edu/~splat/caribcdp.html    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) CARIBBEAN AND HAITIAN CREOLE Principal selector: Jana Krentz Principal location: Watson Library The Caribbean collection mainly supports the Latin American Area Studies Program and draws from social sciences and the humanities.

Ethnologue: Language Family Index: Creole
www.sil.org/ethnologue/families/Creole.html    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Language Family: Creole. Part of _Ethnologue Language Family Index_; Joseph E. Grimes and Barbara F. Grimes, Editors; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

Haitian Creole-English/English-Haitian Creole Compact Dictionary by Ml...
www.opengroup.com/labooks/078/0781805384.shtml    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Haitian Creole-English/English-Haitian Creole Compact Dictionary by Mladen, DavidovicISBN 0781805384 Order-->click "Add To Cart" below MOTIVATIONAL PRODUCTS Posters Videos

Selected Readings from CHIME - Haitian Students
www.ncas1.org/sr_hait.htm    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) NCAS is a national education advocacy organization with 21 member groups in 14 states that works to achieve equal access to a quality public education for the most vulnerable students -- those who are poor, children of color, recently immigrated, or children with disabilities. Focusing on kindergarten through grade 12, NCAS informs and mobilizes parents, concerned educators, and communities...

Language-Link Institute for interpreting and translation services in 7...
www.language-link.com/    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Language-Link Institute, a division of Horton in Providence, RI provides interpreting and translation services in more than 75 languages. Language-Link has high demand and is always interested in working with additional freelance translators.

Ethnologue: Dominican Republic
www.sil.org/ethnologue/countries/DomR.html    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Languages of Dominican Republic. Part of _Ethnologue: Languages of the World_, 13th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

www.reg.ufl.edu/soc/spr/romanceh.spring.htm    (Excite)


www.mrminc.com/    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Since 1971, MRM Inc. (http://www.mrminc.com/index/) has led the field in systems design and management of linguistic research and multilinguistic publishing.

Le Chateau Enterprises Group, Inc Language Services
chateauenterprises.com/    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Would it not be nice if we could all speak one language?  Well, the reality is that we are not there yet and a lot of us in business have a hard time making the connection with the foreign language speaking market.

Ethnologue: Haiti
www.sil.org/ethnologue/countries/Hait.html    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Languages of Haiti. Part of _Ethnologue: Languages of the World_, 13th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

Para-Plus Translations-superior translation and interpreting services
www.para-plus.com/    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Para-Plus Translations, Inc. provides superior translation and interpreting services locally and globally, offering culturally appropriate and cost-effective services in over 100 languages and dialects.

www.languagetapes.com/    (Magellan, Excite, AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Pimsleur foreign language tapes are offered for 26 different languages along with other foreign language learning aids!

www.terc.edu/cheche_konnen/history.html    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Chè Konnen means "search for knowledge" in Haitian Creole. The Chè Konnen Center is based on approximately eight years of classroom-based research on science teaching and learning in Haitian Creole and Spanish bilingual classrooms conducted in collaboration with teachers and students in the Cambridge and Boston, MA public schools.

midwood.brooklyn.cuny.edu/FORLANG/index.htm    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages of Midwood High School. The Foreign Languages Department is headed by Ms. Paulette V. Johnson, Assistant Principal, Supervision.

Haitian Art-NY Times
medalia.net/Happenings/NYTHA.html    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) New York Times review of the exhibit of Haitian art from the collection of Jonathan Demme.

Volunteering with NCHR
www.nchr.org/mnd/nc08002.htm    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) NCHR urgently needs the assistance of qualified French and Kreyòl translators. We would like to make our publications and analysis available to the widest possible population of Francophones and Creolophones.

Haitian Creole Quiz Generator
www.greatbasin.net/~networth/haiti/quiz3.cgi    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Kreyol Quiz Generator This form will automatically generate a Kreyol vocabulary quiz, which you will have twenty minutes to fill out before turning it in for automatic scoring. It has been designed for LDS missionaries who have returned from more..

Holy Spirit Missionary Association
www.hsma.net/    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Evangelization training and outreach. Catholic missionary organization working to take the Gospel to the nations of the world.

Foreign Language Learning Resources - CALL
www.call.gov/    (Magellan, Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Foreign language learning resources and links -- especially related to authentic materials (such as foreign language newspapers) and less commonly taught languages -- are collected here for foreign language teachers and learners. The site includes references to multimedia language programs, instructional materials, multilingual browsing information, and goals in foreign language education.

Educa Vision

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Educa Vision Materials for Haitian Creole. 7550 NW 47 Ave, Coconut Creek FL 33073 Tel. 954 725-0701 Fax. 954 427-6739 E-Mail: Educa@aol.com. Categories of.

CA (The Creolist Archives)- FAQ

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The Creolistics FAQ. Hosted by the Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University, Sweden.

Access Translation Services - (850) 385-5374 Spanish translators, Span...
www.polaris.net/access/aaccess.htm    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Access is a full-service translation company. Any language. Any subject. Call us at (850) 385-5374 for a free quote. Fast turnaround. 500 + clients.

Haitian Creole Missions
www.miamibaptist.org/Haitian/haiindex.htm    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) An association of Southern Baptist Churches unified in their efforts to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ

FIU Libraries Internet Resources for Online Dictionaries and Translati...
www.fiu.edu/~library/internet/subjects/languages/translat.html    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) This page lists gateways and websites to online and internet dictionaries, translation sources, and language learning assistance. Sites are listed by alphabetically by language name, and alphabetically within each section.

Multilingual Bureau of Translation Home Page
www.amarillas.com/users/mbt/index.html    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) You are the visitor to this page HAITIAN CREOLE Multilingual Bureau of Translation MULTILINGUAL BUREAU OF TRANSLATION OFFERS YOU THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:

Untitled Document
www.para-plus.com/about.htm    (Excite)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Company Biography Para-Plus Translations Inc., headquartered in Barrington, New Jersey was established in 1980. In 1995, Para-Plus Translations, Inc. opened its second office in Newark, Delaware.

Haitian (Creole) Language Course - Adventurous Traveler Bookstore
www.adventuroustraveler.com/atb/camer/G6413.HTM    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Haitian (Creole) Language Course by: , pages; Order Number: #G6413 Please click here to view this page using our new shopping cart system. This comprehensive language course was developed by the Foreign Service Department of the United States..

Bilingual Pupil Services Program
www.ed.gov/pubs/Paraprofessionals/newyork.html    (Magellan)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Roles for Education Paraprofessionals in Effective Schools - 1997 Increasing the Pool of Bilingual Education Teachers Career ladder improves certified bilingual workforce

Haitian Creole Translators - (850) 385-5374
www.polaris.net/access/haitian_translators.htm    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Haitian Creole Translators Give us a call today for a FREE estimate or to discuss your upcoming project. ANY LANGUAGE AND SUBJECT. EXPRESS TURNAROUND. Reduce your time to market! ACCESS TRANSLATION SERVICES can give you a critical advantage over..

Stanford University Lidraries: Reference Guide for Pidgin and Creole Languages
www-sul.stanford.edu/depts/ssrg/pidgins/pidgin.html    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) SUL Linguistics home. Pidgin and Creole Languages. A Guide to Green Library collections. Contents. I. Introduction. II. Getting Started. III....

Haitian Creole Profile
www.lmp.ucla.edu/profiles/profh01.htm    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Haitian Creole Profile. Alternate names: French Creole Number of speakers: 6 million Key dialects: West, South, North, Northwest, Central Geographical...

Bilingual Education - Haitian-Creole
www.neighborhoodsight.com/lang/fiber/cre-index.html    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Português Español English FIBER Research Timeline Glossary Researchers Cambridge Public Schools Last updated: June 19, 1998 Comments or Suggestions? Please email the Webmaster Field Initiated Bilingual Education Research FIBER FIBER Projè Inisyativ

Boston Language Institute: Haitian Creole programs

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The Boston Language Institute provides small group, corporate, private, intensive and immersion instruction in over 140 languages, from Arabic to Zulu, including English as a Second Language, as well as translation and interpreting services

French Language Dictionaries
oak.conncoll.edu/~lmder/frendict.html    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) FRENCH LANGUAGE DICTIONARIES. The Shain Library Reference collection has many standard French language and English-French French-English dictionaries. In..

Multimac Haitian Creole Language Resources - The Newark Public Library
www.npl.org/Pages/Collections/haitian.html    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Multimac Haitian Creole Language Resources Vendors | Associations | Periodicals | Websites | Back to Multimac Vendors HAITIAN BOOK CENTER. P.O. Box 324 Flushing, NY 11369-0324 Phone/ Fax: 718-426-1931 E-mail: haitianbooks@aol.com FRENCH & EUROPEAN.

www.creoletrans.com/    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) We are dedicated to uphold a standard of excellence for all Creole documents produced or edited by CreoleTrans. Our Mission. Our mission is to provide you.

Haitian Studies Program
www.cas.umb.edu/haititoday.html    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) University of Massachusetts Boston College of Arts and Sciences. Africana Studies Department Haitian Studies Project. Haiti Today: Language and Culture...

www.uhhp.com/ca.html    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) CULTURE & ARTS PHOTO EXHIBIT WASHINGTON POST PHOTO EXHIBIT Washington Post Photographer Carol Guzy recently won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for her photographs taken in Haiti HAITIAN PAINTINGS THE ELECTRIC GALLERY - HAITIAN ART WING" The Haitian Art..

Haiti Forum
home.pacbell.net/calfonet/page1.htm    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Haiti Forum - promoting Haiti and Haitian...

Regional Listing of All Translations
www3.itu.int/udhr/navigate/region.htm    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Regional Listing of All Translations. Note: Languages are...

www.uhhp.com/ca.html    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) CULTURE & ARTS PHOTO EXHIBIT WASHINGTON POST PHOTO EXHIBIT Washington Post Photographer Carol Guzy recently won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for her photographs taken in Haiti HAITIAN PAINTINGS THE ELECTRIC GALLERY - HAITIAN ART WING" The Haitian Art..

Linguistique Africaine
www.linguistlist.org/pubs/africaine.html    (Yahoo)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Linguistique Africaine This file contains two parts: - Editorial, subscription and contact information concerning the journal "Linguistique Africaine", followed by a backlist. - A list of the books on african languages published in the series 'Les.

Anne-Marie Brousseau - Home Page
www.utoronto.ca/FrenchLinguistics/Homepage/brousseau.html    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Anne-Marie Brousseau. Professor of French Linguistics, University of Toronto. | Main List | Home | Northrop Frye Hall rm. 313 Victoria College, Uni...

www.uquebec.ca/uqss/RMT/UQAM/1505.html    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Linguistique. L'accord et le cas nominatif dans les constructions être + participe passé. Acquisition de certains aspects du système grammatical du...

www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/r36054/    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Claire Lefebvre Professeure Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley Téléphone : 987-3000 ext. 8464 Courrier électronique : lefebvre.claire@uqam.ca....

Édition de manuel
www.cegep-fxg.qc.ca/gi/parkreol.htm    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) EDITION DE LIVRES. PARLER CRÉOLE. Ce qu'est Pale kreyòl. Tables des matières. Préface. Du même auteur. Exemple de leçon. Pour commander. Retour à la page...

Untitled Document
www.ling.uqam.ca/Ling/Linguistique/programmes.html    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Programmes d'études. Études de premier cycle. Baccalauréat en sciences du langage Baccalauréat en enseignement du français langue seconde (septembre 98)...

Research -- Department of French -- University of Toronto
www.chass.utoronto.ca/french/grad/research.htm    (AltaVista)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Grad Brochure: Table of Contents ] [ Research ] [ Recherche ] FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS. Entries for Faculty Research Interests (alphabetical) contain...