Online Lessons Non-standard grammar in Scotland
Characteristics of non-standard grammar in Scotland (1980, revised c. 1992).

Scots Glossary
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common useful scottish greeting phrases
scottish greeting phrases

English-Gaelic Parliamentary Dictionary
This is the first edition of a dictionary of terminology relevant to Scotland's Parliament in Scottish Gaelic and English. It is not intended to be the last word on that subject.

Gaelic-English dictionaries

Gaelic-English dictionaries & meanings in Gaelic

Modern Scots
Modern Scots is widely spoken but not often written, and many words therefore have variant spellings based on the writer's attempt to represent his/her pronounciation of the word, which can very depending on where he/she is from. The main entry for a word comes at the spelling which is believed to be the most common in current use. The number of variants has been minimized to make this dictionary easier to follow, but where a number of spellings are in common use.

Non- Abridged Bibliography: Scottish
Scottish Gaelic language - the Q-Celtic language spoken in Scotland today, and the language of the late Iron-Age/medieval Scots. In the medieval context, this should be understood as referring to the languages commonly known as the Middle Irish language and the Old Irish language

Scottish Phrases
This page contains a table including the following: Scottish phrases, expressions and words in Scottish , conversation and idioms, Scottish greetings and survival phrases or simply if you want to know what to say when chatting. Most of the sentences below are used for the everyday life conversations, so they might come handy if you memorize them, if you don't know how to say a word then check our alphabet in Scottish which can be found on the menu above to get some help. You can also ask for help on our Languages Forum page.

Scots Words And Phrases
Consult Language, for more info on Scots, a distinct dialect of English. Listed below are a few of the many Scots words and phrases used in standard Scottish English and their pronunciation, if applicable.

FREELANG Scottish Gaelic-English and English-Scottish Gaelic online dictionary

Scots (Scoats leid/Lallans)
Scots is a Germanic language closely related to English and spoken by about 1.5 million people in Scotland. Scots is descended from the language of the Angles who settled in northern Britain, in an area now known as Northumbria and southern Scotland, in the 5th century AD. The language was originally know as 'Inglis' and has been influenced by Gaelic, Norse, Latin, Dutch, Norman French, Standard French and English.

A language of United Kingdom.


Scottish resources

Very good links about the language.

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This posting contains a description of the pantheon and cosmology of the Sumerians, who lived in what is now southern Iraq over 4000 years ago. Aspects of Sumerian culture are touched upon as are parallels with Biblical stories.

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