Yahoo! en español

Guide to the Spanish speaking cyber communities around the world.

Directorio Global Net en Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Directorio Global Net en Español con motor de búsqueda

Spanish Directory - Spanish Language Courses in Spain

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Top site containing details of hundreds of schools and universities offering Spanish language lessons in Spain. Includes regional introductions & details of Spanish language exams. Español como lengua extranjera en España.

Bienvenue sur la page de l'Espagnol

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Espagnol. Internet au service des professeurs d'Espagnol. Quelles ressources et activités pédagogiques ? Recherche de documents complémentaires et...

Agora Employment Listings

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Employment opportunities in the language market place around the world, at all academic levels and institutions.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Searchable directory of South American businesses and information. En Español.

The Spanish Business Web Ring

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) A free network of businesses who provide products and services to the Spanish speaking community. The Spanish Business Web Ring represents businesses that share a standard of quality and commitment to serving the needs of Spanish speaking people all over the world.

Latin America on the Net - Colombia: Business and Commerce: Services

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) COLOMBIA Business and Commerce. Negocios y Comercio.SERVICES - SERVICES AMBULANCIAS - Emergency Medical Response Ltda. (Español) ALDATO - Respuesta al desarrollo de su Empresa. (Español)

Hispanic Information Network: HispanStar - Hispanic Business Resource

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) HispanStar is the Hispanic Information Network providing Hispanic Business news and resources for hispanic and latino executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Free/Automaticaly your page is added to spanish WWW directories searched by Argentina,Bolivia,Chile,Colombia,Costa Rica,Cuba,Ecuador,El Salvador,España,Guatemala,Honduras,Mexico,Nica ...

PlanetaChat en Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Chat en español, dedicado al público latino,hispano e iberoamericano.

Ahora a conversar en Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Ahora tenemos un salón de conversación en HispanoUSA.com venga a conversar con otros hispanos abierto las 24 horas. - ParaChat at HispanoUSA

Charlas en Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Donde usted podra hacer nuevos amigos, charlar con viejos conocidos, discutir los temas que a Usted le gustan en Español y quien sabe, depronto algo mas. - JavaChat


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Nuevo CHAT, chat en castellano. Charla en directo con otros usuarios conectados. Y mucho más...

Guia de Chats en Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Listing of chats in Spanish and their respective countries. - Internet Gratis


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) CUBA ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB The number of web sites offering accurate information about Cuba is growing. If you have an Internet account, we recommend you to visit the following web sites. http://www.cubaweb.cu ---- CUBAWEB: The Web Site of the Republic of Cuba (English &&Spanish) http://www.ceniai.inf.cu ---- CENIAInternet (Spanish) http://www.igc.apc.org/cubasoli ---- Cuba Solidarity Web...

Spanish Banner - Intercambio de Publicidad Gratis para su web

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) HTML banner publicidad web spanish spain www click impresiones español


Language Tests German English Dutch Spanish French Italian Indonesian

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Exercises exercise vocabulary. Wortschatz language. exercises tests aids English Indonesian German Spanish French Italian Dutch. Lingua esercizios inglese tedesco spagnolo ...


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) International Language Development provides language lessons via the Internet


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Español,cursos,espanol,gramática, Spanish,lenguaje,idioma,idioma español

Comparative CyberLexicon

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The Comparative CyberLexicon is a compilation of English terminology peculiar to computer culture and technology and its equivalents in Spanish.

Welcome to the BILINGUAL BOOK CONSULTANTS website.

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) BBC: Catalog for the finest bilingual and ESL school books, posters and supplementary materials.


Learn Spanish in Spain with =elemadrid= .

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Our Spanish language school  in Madrid, Spain provides a wide variety of Spanish immersion courses in small groups and/or private lessons for adults. We also offer intensive and taylor made Spanish programs for professionals. In addition you may join our unique program of 'Spain Today' classes, culture and leisure activity courses, and on the weekend we organize

Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Index of lessons. Prepare for travel or study for class. Free grammar lessons, cultural notes, language school reviews, useful links. Books, tapes, and more.

¿don Quijote Spanish Language Courses?

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) We offer spanish immersion courses in six different cities in Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Salamanca, Granada and Málaga, and also in Latin America.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Learn English, German, French, Italian and Spanish for FREE using our online Language Lab

Spaans Leren Amsterdam

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Dutch specialist in teaching Spanish and well known for its free online course "Learn Spanish in 12 months".

Web Spanish Lessons, by Tyler Jones

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) By Tyler Jones and Jennifer Chambers My name is Tyler Chambers, and I have prepared these Spanish lessons to teach basic knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary for Mexican Spanish. I am not a native speaker of Spanish, so any mistakes in these lessons are my own. The lessons are provided in Web-browsable format for use with graphical World Wide Web browsers such as Netscape or Mosaic.

Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Eight pages of Spanish lessons, with links to other resources.

GO langues : allemand, espagnol, anglais, français

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) GO langues allemand, espagnol, anglais, français Méthode d'apprentissage de langues secondes destinée aux étudiants de niveau débutant ou intermédiaire. Elle permet l'apprentissage du français, de l'espagnol, de l'anglais et de l'allemand. L...

Prof d'espagnol

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Prof d'espagnol Un programme de perfectionnement en espagnol langue secondes destiné à ceux qui ont déjà une connaissance de base de cette langue. Il vise à développer le vocabulaire et à améliorer la prononciation. Les 30 leçons portent sur la...

PARLAMONDO - Corsi di lingue, traduzioni ed interpretariato ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Parlamondo è un’èquipe specializzata nel campo dei servizi linguistici composta da professionisti madre lingua con una vasta esperienza nel campo della formazione linguistica, nella trasposizione di testi in altre lingue e nell’interpretariato.


Gramatica y Ortografia

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Spanish grammar (in Spanish).

Gramática castellana. Las reglas del español actual

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Volver a LA PÁGINA DEL IDIOMA ESPAÑOL Lo mejor de la prensa de América Latina y España està en este quiosco virtual Selección de diccionarios digitales en la Infovía. Bilingües y monolingües. Rincón del Traductor. Temas, debates y secretos...

La Gramática del Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Spanish grammar lessons.


English-to-Spanish Dictionary

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) June29.Com Websites Sorry, that page doesn't exist. We're sorry, but the page you tried to access doesn't exist at June29.com. To the left is a list of all the major Web pages at June29.com - ...

Ectaco - Online Dictionaries

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Ectaco is the world leader in the development and manufacture of the electronic handheld dictionaries. Since the foundation of the company in 1990, we have produced 6 generations of electronic dictionaries Language Teacher® and Partner® translating from/into over 20 languages. The high level of expertise and experience of Ectaco linguists, programmers, designers and engineers have resulted in the creation of dictionaries with modern design, a high-quality linguistic bases and the widest range of features.

English to Spanish and Viceversa Dictionary

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) This dictionary contains approximately 27000 translated terms.

AAA Translators, Inc. Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) "Las palabras más finas en el mundo son solamente sonidos en vano si no las puede comprender" -Anatole France ¡VÉANOS EN LOS SIGUIENTES LENGUAJES! English Português Dansk Français Deutsch Nederlands Italiano Norsk Svenska Fundada en 1991 en Memphis.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) NetGlos the Multingual Glossary of Internet Terminology

Dictionnaire Français - Anglais Allemand Espagnol Italien Portugais Japonais Russe Hongrois ...

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Dictionnaire multilingue à télécharger. Logiciel gratuit (freeware). Langues : Français - Anglais, Allemand, Espagnol, Italien, Portugais, Japonais, Russe, Hongrois, Slovaque, Danois, Finlandais, Suédois, Norvégien, Néerlandais, Afrikaans, Swahili, ...

Diccionario general inglés-español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Bìienvenidos a nuestro Diccionario general inglés-español. El diccionario se centra en el inglés americano y el español que se habla en España, aunque también incluye algunas formas británicas y latinoamericanas.


La prensa en espanol - press in spanish

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Volver a LA PÁGINA DEL IDIOMA ESPAÑOL ÍNDICE Selección de diccionarios digitales en la Infovía. Bilingües y monolingües. Herramientas y normas del idioma. Las reglas del español actual. Consultas Rincón del Traductor. Temas, debates y secretos de...

Diarios y Revistas en Latinoamérica

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) El Clarín (diario, español) Microsemanario (semanario, en español) Bolivia Times (mensual, en inglés) Matutinos de Bolivia (diario, español) Vespertinos de Bolivia (diario, español)


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Babel : magazine interactif n°1 anglais, espagnol. Babel multimedia Public visé Centre détenteur CD tutor español général (disque 1). Public visé Centre détenteur Collège, lycée Echolangues labo: espagnol (intermédiaire).

San Germán InterAmericana Revistas en Español 

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Revistas en Español, CAI-SG Materia..: contains equal to [*] Fecha....: contains [*] Autor....: begins with contains [*]

La Herencia Del Norte - Spanish Heritage Magazine

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Documenting History on the Camino Real We now accept Visa and MasterCard! Subscribe to La Herencia del Norte Use this form to place your order online. Or if you prefer: print the form, fill it in, and mail it to: La Herencia del Norte P.O. Box... 

Spanish Abroad, Inc.

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Learn Spanish in Latin America or Spain.

Spanish Trains on Line (STOL)

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Revista sobre los trenes y mundo ferroviario espanol - The first spanish trains web. News, pics and information about the modern spanish railroads. Historical section about old spanish trains.

Israel en Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Noticiario en Español que incluye todo el acontecer israelí y del mundo mudío, revistas, forums interactivos, cocina típica , opiniones y mucho más.



Yiddish et Judéo-Espagnol: Un Héritage Européen

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Yiddish et Judéo-Espagnol: Un Héritage Européen PREFACE LE JUDEO-ESPAGNOL Les origines Migrations des juifs espagnols Le Judéo-espagnol, langue de fusion et musée vivant de l'espagnol du XVème siècle Problématique du judéo-espagnol Graphie La...


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) BIBLIAS EN ESPAÑOL EN EL INTERNET: PROGRAMAS DE COMPUTADORA Y OTROS RECURSOS No fueron pocas las ocasiones que, en procura de algún programa de computadora que contuviera una versión de la Biblia en español, y que estuviera disponible para bajarlo (download) através del Internet, experimentara cierta frustración ya que muchos enlaces (links) me dirigían a páginas ya no existentes en el Web... 


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) It provides a lot of information about the most important comic ever made in Spain.

Spanish Ethnography in English

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Extensive bibliography of Spanish ethnographic resources, compiled for use in ANT 412/512 (Peoples of Europe) at the University of Alabama.

UTM - DEA Etudes sur l'Amérique Latine - Enseignants

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) DEA ÉTUDES SUR L'AMÉRIQUE LATINE ÉQUIPE ENSEIGNANTE HISTOIRE, ARCHÉOLOGIE, ANTHROPOLOGIE : Charlotte ARNAULD Chargée de Recherches, GRAL. Michel BERTRAND MCF, Histoire, Toulouse II (détaché GRAL). Rodolfo DE ROUX MCF, Espagnol, Toulouse II...

Medina, Fernando - Conciertos de Rock en Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Conciertos de rock en español y links a otros lugares. Upcoming Spanish rock concerts and links to other Spanish rock sites.

Cinema spagnolo, letteratura spagnola, attività cultura

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Centro de Lengua Española c/o CAMARA DE COMERCIO ESPAÑOLA Via Albricci, 5 - Milano Tel. 02-8053276 - Fax 02-80561

Acervo de la Filmoteca de la UNAM en Español - Page

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Filmoteca UNAM Acervo Fílmico La Filmoteca de la UNAM, es uno de los archivos de imágenes en movimiento más importantes

Spanish Art

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) [Seven by Nine Squares home page] [Neoism] "Spanish Art" "Dreva's lucidity is unusual among Spanish Artists. Although most of them perceive Dada and Fluxus as their precursors, they are on the whole unaware of the critique of separation that runs...

Latin America on the Net - Mexico: Culture: Arts

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) MÉXICO Culture - Cultura. ARTS - ARTES Antoni Cortada - Pintor. (English|Español) Arte en Porcelana (Español) Arte en Bronce (Español) Artimex - Agencia de espectáculos y promotores de artistas mexicanos.(Español)

Spanish Comics

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Images of some popular spanish comics: Mortadelo y Filemon, Zipi y Zape, El Capitan Trueno, El Jabato, El Corsario de Hierro, SuperLopez, etc.

Rock en Español - Rockola!

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Links to Spanish rock music resources and bands.


Era Of The Spanish Galleons

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Routes and ships of the Spanish Treasure fleets, life at sea, threats from pirates, and other information.

Artesanía Española ( Spanish handicrafts )

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Spanish craftsmanship, more of 10.000 references about craftsmen and craftsmanship of Spain. Market of craftsmanship. La pàgina de la Artesanìa Española. Artesanos ceramistas, vidrieros, marroquineros, tallistas..., màs

Spanish in South America

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Spanish in South America 1500's In the 1500 the Spanish ruled the world, they had the strongest navy, and no other country dared to compete with the Spanish. The Spanish became very interested in South America.

Favorite Spanish Food Recipes

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Authentic source of food recipes from Spain

Spanish Revolution & Civil War 1936-1939

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Leon Trotsky noted that the Spanish Civil War surpassed the Russian Revolution as a truly "proletarian revolution".

Championnat Espagnol

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Championnat Espagnol de Football Espagne

Spanish Football Homepage

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Detailed news and information on Spanish League soccer, with links to teams.

El Estado Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Funcionamiento El Tribunal Constitucional no puede actuar por propia iniciativa, sino por sugerencia externa al Tribunal


Edier's Catalog Online

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Bienvenidos a Edier's Catalog Online, el lugar preferido para adquirir Software en Español en USA. Edier's Catalog Online Aquí está Edier's Catalog Online con más de 120 Productos , los cuales tratan sobre lo: Educacional , Biblia , Tutoriales , Arte , Enciclopedias, Juegos , Esoterismo y Medicina Alternativa 

Sans Frontières

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Unique on line electronic phrasebook supporting any combination of English, French, Spanish, German and Italian language translation.

Visual Teaching Sysytems, Inc. of Chicago

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) On our Web page you can view a complete description of our product ,and its benefits and how people can speak Spanish in 30 days. The audiovisual system that One Step to Spanish uses (videocassettes, audiocassettes, and books) will allow you to comprehend the language by associating sounds and images. The 5 videocassettes will teach you in the comfort of your home without your having to spend long hours at school.  Also, they will allow you to study at your own pace and time.   All you need is a TV and a VCR.  No computer knowledge is needed to use this method.

New World Graphics Spanish Software

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Distributor of Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation and integrated software.

Archivos FTP - Navegadores

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Internet Explorer v3.0 para Windows 3.1x (Español) Internet Explorer v3.0 para Windows 3.1x (Inglés) Internet Explorer v3.02 para Windows 95 (Español) Internet Explorer v3.02 para Windows 95 (Inglés)

Médiaconcept - Produits multimédia de formation en langues

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Médiaconcept est l'une des plus importantes sociétés européennes d'édition et de diffusion de produits multimédia pour la formation et l'éducation. Avec plus de 100 titres, dont 50 dans le seul domaine des langues

Books in Spanish

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) ¡Ya puede usted consultar el catálogo de la editorial!Haga una búsqueda por título, autor, tema o ISBN, condicionando, si gusta, la fecha de edición. Pronto publicaremos aquí orientación sobre las colecciones de la editorial. servicios@porrua.com.

Libros De Ricardo: Spanish Children's Books

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Spanish Children's Books for $1.95 per book! Over 800 titles available. Build your school, classroom, or any other library. Student Spanish Book Club for children.

Cd-Langue Spagnolo

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Cd-Langue Spagnolo. CORSO DI SPAGNOLO MULTIMEDIALE INTERATTIVO. Contenuti. Cd-Langue Spagnolo è un programma d'insegnamento dello spagnolo base diviso in..

CORSO DI LINGUE: Impara Francese Inglese Tedesco Spagnolo
con i corsi di lingue multimediali

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) CORSO DI LINGUE: Impara Francese Inglese Tedesco Spagnolo.con i corsi di lingue multimediali

English Teacher & El Profesor de Español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) A completly interactive software to help you learn languages at your own pace. A fun way to learn a new language that you and your kids will enjoy.

Libros en español

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Ingresa un nombre que te identifique dentro de nuestro chat y después presiona el botón "login". Mientras el sistema arranca en tu computadora (aproximadamente un minuto y medio), puedes leer algunas indicaciones para el manejo del sistema en la...

Libreria Internazionale La Bancarella

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Dal 1977 libri da tutto il mondo Dal 1995 in Internet english site Giugno '98 Vuoi leggere libri in Inglese, Francese, Tedesco, Spagnolo, Portoghese....e tante altre lingue ancora... , con il nostro nuovo servizio Worldwide non e' piu' un problema.

Goethe-Verlag: Learn German English Spanish French Italian language

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Language learning cloze tests: Exercises exercise training aids, learn English German Spanish French. Italian Dutch vocabulary Wortschatz Deutsche deutsch Übung lingua idioma Sprache Vokabeln.

Spanish Booksellers, Inc.

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Specializing in Spanish language books of all categories for children and adults. Libros en Español para todas las edades.


A & S Servizi Traduzioni

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) THE PROFESSIONAL TOUCH for all your translation requirements Siamo un gruppo di traduttori professionisti madrelingua. Offriamo i nostri servizi ad imprese e professionisti sia al fine di assicurare la migliore presentazione su INTERNET attraverso..

Vega Spanish Education

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Offers a Spanish language program in Los Angeles that consists of weekly sessions in an intimate group of students.

English-Spanish Translations

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) We offer the best quality translations and software localization at the most competitive prices. Our company uses standard Spanish to allow you to use the same documentation in any Spanish speaking community.

Traduction de page web Traduction français-anglais Trad

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Administration - Informatique - Biologie marine - Publicité - Construction et immobilier - Médecine...

Isaure traduction espagnol - français

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Isaure Traduction propose la traduction de tout document de l'Espagnol vers le Français et du Français vers l'Espagnol. Transmission des travaux par Fax, courrier, MODEM ou E-Mail. Devis établi à la demande.

Tejera Translations - Traductions - Acceuil

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Tejera Translations, Traductions Anglais, Francais, Espagnol

Service de traduction de site en anglais,allemand,espagnol

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Orbes peut assurer la traduction de votre site web dans les langues suivantes : Anglais Allemand Espagnol Italien. Chaqu

Rodolfo Hernandez

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) VOUS ALLEZ FAIRE AFFAIRE EN AMÉRIQUE LATINE?. ENGLISH ESPANOL QUI SOMMES-NOUS?. Nous sommes une entreprise qui offre des services de traduction, d'interprétariat et de rédaction en français, en anglais et en ...

Tradufax - Tradunet. Traduction Espagnol, traduction par Internet, traducteur

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Traduction Espagnol, traduction par Internet, traducteur Franchise, traduction par fax. Tel.: +34 - 94 - 476 36 63 Fax: +34 - 94 - 476 37 73...


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Translations translations translations translations traductions traductions traductions traductions übersetzungen übersetzungen übersetzungen übersetzungen vertalingen vertalingen vertalingen vertalingen ...

Traduttori interpreti madrelingua linguaggi specialistici traduzioni

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Traduttori interpreti madrelingua inglese francese spagnolo tedesco cinese simultanea teletraduzioni linguaggi specialistici doppiaggio, vocabolario Zingarelli

Traduzioni on-line inglese,tedesco,spagnolo

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Traduzioni dall' inglese, tedesco, spagnolo all' i t a l i a n o A t t e n z i o n e .. Le traduzioni vengono realizzate dalla professoressa Anna Bernasconi di Milano. La So.S.Ed. srl offre solo ospitalità gratuita..


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Translation Service of documents, letters, correspondance, books, etc. From Spanish to English. Done through E-Mail, by Brian Smallwood, American currently living in Guatemala

Translations - Catania, sicilia, italy, food, italian, import export

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Trade company in Italy specializing in services ,market research,translations of documents, import/export sicilian products, Italian food, stocks, furniture clothing etc..


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Traduttori interpreti madrelingua specializzati simultanea chouchotage lingue latine orientali slave inglese tedesco francese spagnolo cinese russo bulgaro portoghese croato arabo.


Spanish Study Connection

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Glenda Mikeska connects you to Spanish language schools in Mexico or Costa Rica, and organizes escorted group study trips to San Miguel de Allende.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Cervantes is a language school in Spain which offers Spanish language immersion courses and homestay study abroad programs.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Abanico-Espanol is the largest private organization in Europe offering Spanish courses in Spain. 


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) It's the largest private organization in Europe offering Spanish courses in Spain. 
Es gibt zwei Dinge, die wir als sehr wichtig erachten: Erstens bieten wir ausschliesslich Spanischkurse an, wodurch SpanischStudieren.com Experte auf diesem Gebiet ist; und zweitens hat SpanischStudieren.com eigene Sprachschulen in Spanien. Jahrelange Erfahrung und die Berücksichtigung der Interessen und Vorlieben der Teilnehmer erlauben eine ständige Verbesserung und gewährleisten somit eine kontinuierliche Qualität unserer Kurse.

Centro de Idiomas de Mazatlán, S.C.

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Beach vacation/Spanish language program. Highly recommended by former participants. Accredited translators. Spanish vocabulary assistant. News report on Mexican politics, culture, language as well as living, retiring and traveling in Mexico.

A.B.C.-Instituto Español de Cultura

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) We offer Spanish language courses all year round. All levels. Starting every Monday. Wide range of accommodation provided. Courses recognised by the Universidad de Alcala. We are member of IALC (International Association of Language Centres) and FIYTO (Federation International of Youth Travel Organisations). 


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Study-Spanish is the largest private organization in Europe offering Spanish courses in Spain.
Study Spanish's main aim is to teach you Spanish as effectively and pleasantly as possible. Over the years, through continual attention to service and quality, Study Spanish has become the most important organization for learning Spanish in Spain. Your fellow students come from all over Europe and countries such as the United States, Canada, Rusia, and Japan.

AMAUTA Spanish School

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) AMAUTA Spanish School offers the exceptional opportunity to study Spanish while immersed in Peruvian culture. Other activities such as Quechua Language Course, workshops on Latin American Culture and daily Student Activities, make AMAUTA a distinctive educational destination in the former capital of the majestic Inca Empire.

Spanish Language Center 

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) In San Diego, living here or visiting, Spanish Language Center is the place for your Spanish lessons for pleasure, business, or traveling, taught by professional native instructors for the most enjoyable educational experience of your life. The founder and proprietor has a lifetime career in education. Translation service is also offered.

Intérpretes y Traductores Salamanca

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Intérpretes y Traductores Salamanca offers mainly translation courses but also Spanish courses for foreigners.


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) FORESTER INSTITUTO INTERNACIONAL in San José, Costa Rica, offers several exciting programs of instruction in the Spanish language. Its short term plans--1 to 4 weeks--are very popular among visitors to the country. They are designed to satisfy, in a quick and efficient manner, the growing need for Spanish on the part of men and women from all walks of life.The institute also offers long term programs for those interested in staying more than one month.

Spanish Study Holidays

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Specialists in Spanish language tuition and Spanish language courses abroad with dedicated schools in Spain.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica - at ILISA: Homestay, Apartment, Hotel, and Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) If you're serious about learning Spanish, ILISA in Costa Rica is the school you've been looking for! Although we encourage you to use our homestay program, we offer a variety of accommodation options: a homestay or in a hotel, apartment or bed and

Cours de Langue Espagnol

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) A "L'ACADEMIA DE ESPANOL QUITO" . II s'agit d'un programme nouveau et efficace qui vous permet d'apprendre l'espagnol et de connaitre les coutumes sud-americaines. Vous avez l'avantage de vivre en ...

École d'espagnol - Spanish School

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ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Antigua Guatemale is an ideal location to study Spanish where you can experience a great vacation at the same time. Learn from one of the most respected schools in this ancient city in Central America.

I.C. Toulouse

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) PRÉSENTATION DE L'INSTITUT CERVANTES L'Institut Cervantes est un organisme publique à but non lucratif crée en 1991 pour promouvoir l'enseignement de l'espagnol dans le monde et diffuser la culture des ...

HEC - B.A.A. Liste des cours en espagnol

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Liste alphabétique des cours offerts en espagnol Exigences : 1) La réussite de l'épreuve de langue et de littérature du MEQ ou l'épreuve HEC est obligatoire pour s'inscrire à un cours de gestion en espagnol.

Spanish Language School in Oaxaca, Mexico - CELCO Main Page

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Spanish language courses in Oaxaca, Mexico

The Dept. of Romance Languages

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) The Department of Romance Languages at the University of Georgia offers challenging graduate and undergraduate programs in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romance Languages leading to A.B., M.A., M.A.T. and Ph.D. degrees.

UCL - ROM 2508 Séminaire d'espagnol: langue 

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Université catholique de Louvain Séminaire d'espagnol: langue (ROM 2508 ).

Departement de Langues Etrangères

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Bienvenu au Departement des Langues Etrangères de Lance! Le Departement des Langues Etrangères de Lance Junior High School offre deux langues: le français et l'espagnol. Les ...

Cela, Centro de Lingüistica Aplicada, Venezuela

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Learn spanish in Venezuela, one of the most beautiful countries in the Carribean. We offer spanish courses in Caracas and on Margarita Island all year round

Spanish Language School in Guadalajara, Mexico

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) We provide Spanish language education to individuals interested in studying Spanish. IMAC is recognized as one of the finest Spanish language schools in Mexico. Spanish language learning here in Guadalajara, Mexico, is an opportunity to be involved in intensive Spanish instruction.

Unité d'Espagnol

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) DÉPARTEMENT DES LANGUES ROMANES – FACULTÉ DES LETTRES – UNIVERSITÉ DE GENÈVE. La Unidad de Español forma parte del Departamento de Lenguas Románicas de la.

Certificat de langues modernes

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) (819) 821-8000, poste 2277 (téléphone) (819) 821-7285 (télécopieur) etang@courrier.usherb.ca (adresse électronique) RESPONSABILITÉ : Département des lettres et communications Faculté des lettres ...

Faculté de Lettres, Langues et Sciences Humaines

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) FACULTE DE LETTRES, LANGUES ET SCIENCES HUMAINES 11, boulevard Lavoisier 49045 Angers Cedex 01 tél : 33 (0) fax : 33 (0) e-mail : ufr.lettres@univ-angers.fr Formations fondamentales de premier et second cycles en Lettres...

Camara de comercio de Espana en Italia corsi di spagnol

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Centro de Lengua Española c/o CAMARA DE COMERCIO ESPAÑOLA Via Albricci, 5 - Milano Tel. 02-8053276 - Fax 02-80561

Corsi di spagnolo, spagna, corsi di lingua

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Spanish language courses in Spain

Calendario corsi per studium

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Università degli Studi di Parma. Centro Linguistico di Ateneo. Il calendario annuale dei corsi di lingua straniera. I corsi di lingua straniera sono tutti strutturati per venire incontro ...

ICI: Spanish language courses for foreigners

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Study spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico! Apprenez l'espagnol à Guadalajara, Mexique! Studia lo spagnolo a Guadalajara, Messico! Studiere Spanisch in Guadalajara, Mexiko! This web is under construction, but with already all the information


ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Vacanze studio e/o lavoro, soggiorni studio all'estero, Work  Study, Business English: per imparare l'inglese e tutte le lingue con programmi e corsi personalizzati per tutti i gusti e le esigenze.

Corso di Spagnolo a Cuba

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Universidad de la Habana CUBA. Corso di Spagnolo per stranieri a CUBA. La facoltà di Lingue Straniere della Università dell'Avana impartisce corsi di...

Istituto Donatello - Italian Language and Culture in Florence

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) Istituto Donatello:learn Italian language and culture in Florence! Course programs, On lineitalian test, movies and more on our Website.

Spanish and Italian Department

ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) General Information People Student Resources Calendar Special Pages Call for Papers Graduate Spanish Undergraduate Spanish Undergraduate Italian Latin American Studies Hispanic WWW Italian WWW SPI Web ...