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Jagran( जागरण ) or jagrata ( जगराता ) is a word that will be quite familiar to the Hindus worldover. Its an all night worship of Mother Goddess, where Her devotees worship Her all night by singing Her praises and Her prayers, normally led by a single person along with a chorus who acts as a lead in the singing of prayers.

Usually this holy event is organized by a person or a family who bears all the cost of the holy event, but sometimes people organise a jagran by collecting charities to pay for the holy event.

This is a holy event that can be held any time of the year. The jagran starts with a formal spell of Ganesh-worship and ends with the lead singer (usually a priest) telling the story of Taramati(Tararani Ki Katha) and her devotion to the Mother Goddess. Then the person/family who organised the Jagran gives the final offering(antim-ardaas) to the Mother Goddess, and the rest of the devotees follow after that person/family.

Then everyone is given the prasad of halwa & cooked(salted) gram. Usually its recommended to have the halwa made in pure ghee but because of the rising cost of it, its dependent on the financial status/wish of the person/family/group organising the jagran.



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