Bambaiya Hindi

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Bambaiyya Hindi (Hindi: बंबय्या हिंदी) is a pidgin of Hindi commonly spoken in and around the city of Mumbai, India. [1] It incorporates words and pronunciations from Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani and English[2].

Technically, Bambaiya Hindi is not a dialect or language but a pidgin, a mixture of Hindi, Marathi, English with a strong tendency to simplify the grammar of regular Hindi.

While many such local dialects have evolved in cosmopolitan cities around the world, Mumbaiya Hindi is widely known throughout India[citation needed] as a result of its frequent use in Bollywood movies. Initially, this dialect was used to represent crooks and uncouth characters as, to quote film critic Shoma A. Chatterji, "Indian films have the unique quality of different characters speaking different varieties of Hindi according to their social status, their caste, communal identity, education, profession, financial status, etc. [...] The villain's goons, speak in a special vulgarised, Bambaiya (from Bombay) Hindi concocted specifically to typify such screen characters in Hindi cinema."[3]. Lately, however, Bambaiya Hindi has become popular and prominent, particular with the success of the Munnabhai movies, in which the lead characters - being members of the Mumbai criminal underworld - speak entirely in this dialect[4].

Despite this increase in popularity, this dialect has its critics, and is sometimes seen as being disrespectful and vulgar[5].

Among the more prominent neologisms which originated in Bambaiya Hindi but have spread throughout India are the words bindaas (from Marathi (Bin + Dhast = Without Fear, meaning 'relaxed'; this word was incorporated into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2005[6]) and Gandhigiri (invented in the movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai, a portmanteau of Gandhi and -giri, which is similar to the English 'ism'(as in Gandhi-ism), though slightly more informal).

 Few Words of Bambaiya Hindi

  • "Apun" (अपुन) means my self
  • "Locha" OR "Locha Labacha" refers as "Problem"
  • "Sallang" OR "Jhakaas" means excellent
  • "Topi (Cap)" means Fraud
  • "Nalla" means duplicate
  • "Shaanapanti" means acting smart
  • "Shaana" means Smart Chap
  • "Kauwa (Crow)" means Mobile Phone
  • "Ghora (Horse)" means Gun
  • "Satak Le" means get out etc....
  • "Sultana OR Sulta Diya" means Solved the Matter
  • "Fattu" means coward
  • "Thhulla" means Cop
  • "Lafdaa" (लफड़ा) means Fight
  • "Chhaavi" means Girl Friend
  • "Chiknaa" OR "Chiknee" means Fair Complexion Male or Female
  • "Thhaasna" means Booze
  • "Hadakna" mean Act of Eating
  • "Bablya" means a BEST conductor OR Driver
  • "Chutiya" means a Duffer,Idiot,Fool
  • "Sutta" means cigarette
  • "Waat lag gaya" means in problem


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